My Equipment


 Celestron C9.25  Antares 1529  Celestron C102HD  SkyWatcher 130
WO 66mm SD APO WO ZS80II APO Orion ST80 Meade ETX-90
 Astro Tech 6" RC      

 Celestron CGEM  Skywatcher HEQ5  SkyWatcher EQ2  AstroTec Voyager
 Meade LXD-75  Celestron CG5  Tasco EQ1  AstroPhoto Mount

 Olympus E420  Meade DSI CCD Web Cam  
 Canon 10D  Meade LPI  Samsung A-403  

Scroll down the page to see the equipment I have collected over the years, starting with my pride and joy a Celestron 9.25 on a Celestron CGEM mount with GPS. 

All the knobs were replaced with ADM anodized Orange ones, Losmandy style and Vixen style dovetails, top and bottom. AMD guide scope rings, and a William Optics Anodized Orange 66mm APO.  William Optics dual speed focuser, black with anodized orange accents.  Custom Painted aluminum dew shield.

Astronomy Technologies Astro-Tech 6" f/9 Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph

This Astro-Tech AT6RC Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph has: 6" f/9 true Ritchey-Chrétien hyperbolic mirror optical design, diffraction-limited or better BK-7 mirrors, enhanced aluminum optical coatings, overcoated with quartz, dual-speed 2" Crayford focuser, 2" and 1.25" compression ring accessory holders, Vixen-style dovetail rail.


Antares 1529 (New Style) on Meade LXD-75 mount with Warps Drive system.  Losmandy and Vixen style Dovetails top and bottom.  Williams Optics ZS80II APO guide scope with Losmandy guide rings. Antares RACI illuminated finder scope.

Celestron C102HD (Vixen Model) on rebuilt CG5 mount with dual axis drives.  Tasco (Vixen) 60mm guide scope.  Now has Orion ST80 guide scope.

Custom Painted Meade ETX-90 on EQ2 mount with single axis drive.  Kendrick (Baader) solar filter.  Used as dedicated grab and go solar scope.  Best views of Sun Spots I have ever seen.

This is my version of the Kenko Skymemo. I wanted a tracking mount for Widefield Astrophotography. I made this from an EQ5 mount that had a broken DEC shaft. Has RA clock drive with clutch, illumiated polar alignment scope, Ball mount for cameras, Bronze counter weight, removable aluminum support shaft and custom paint. Once Polar aligned, it tracks very well.